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Sunday, July 8, 2007

The key to getting creatively un-stuck

The next time you're stuck on a copywriting or design project, take a listen to almost any rocker's early recordings and you'll learn the key to getting creatively and stylistically un-stuck.

The key?

Simply imitate someone good. Not plagiarize, just imitate. It's what ignited many careers.

The examples are really endless.

Tommy Roe started out by sounding a lot like Buddy Holly. Donovan started out as a Dylan knock-off, singing protest songs with a harmonica around his neck. Joe Cocker began by sounding like Ray Charles (if Ray Charles was a hippie). And the New Riders of the Purple Sage soundled just like the Grateful Dead.

But after a while, these imitators eventually found their own voice. Donovan chucked the harmonica and protest songs and became a poster flower child. Joe Cocker started soundling less like a white Ray Charles and more like soft rock. And who knows what happened to Tommy Roe. But they all grew into their own style.

This little tactic of looking to the greats for inspiration works every time if you're stuck on a project or in the beginning stages of learning your craft.

So where can you go for inspiration? Here are just four tips:

  1. Develop a swipe file. Save the print ads, brochures and direct mail you like and admire.

  2. Visit the Communications Arts archives on line to see recent creative samples some of the top agencies are creating.

  3. Subscribe to Communications Arts quarterly journals and annual advertising, design and illustration books.

  4. Google "ad agencies" and look at their samples.


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