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Sunday, January 7, 2007

4 easy tips for money-making direct mail copy

How can you make your direct mail package so irresistible that it beats your competition every time? It starts with the writing. Crisp, attention-getting copy can persuade even your most skeptical reader to buy from you. So here are four quick tips to help your direct mail package (whether it’s a sales letter, brochure, flyer, newsletter or whatever) outsmart your competition and make you money in the mail.

1. Cut to the chase. Start your lead sentence with the greatest benefit you offer your prospects. Tell them exactly what they want to hear right from the beginning.

2. Write to your readers as you would a friend, with warmth and personality. Don’t be afraid to use the word “you.” It works magic in direct mail.

3. Don’t sell yourself short. Write longer copy. Under the right circumstances, not only will your readers read a four page-letter or a eight-page brochure, but they’ll even respond much better to it than they would a one-page piece . . . as long as you’ve grabbed their interest.

4. Put your thesaurus away, that is if you’re looking to impress your readers with fancy 25-cent words. If you really want to impress them so they reach for their check books, write clear and readable copy stressing how you can benefit them. Simple language sells.

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